Hobie Fleet 95

Welcome Current and Future Fleet Members!

Hobie Fleet 95 a member of Hobie Cat North America and  Division 4 is the place for Hobie Cat enthusiasts to get together and share in the excitement of Hobie Cat Sailing in Seattle, Wa.
A great group of people that enjoy having fun.

It is with heavy hearts, and great sadness, we report the loss of a super sailor, husband, son, and friend to all of us. Todd Christensen passed away November 20th, at his parents home while reIMG_1508covering from major surgery. Starting at the age of 13, Todd was a big part of the Hobie Cat family, over time joining the International F18 Class Catamarans, and keel boat fleets as a member of the Shrek team. Todd could do it all, from foredeck to skipper, on a large monohull, a fast F18 or master of the Hobie 16. As an engineer and master craftsman, Todd helped our sailing community immeasurably. From storing and transporting race gear, to modifying trailers for hauling as many boats as possible to events. In his spare time, he volunteered to man chase boats, help with youth programs, organize regattas, and hold various officer positions in our Division and Local Fleets.Todd and Josh Lake Quinault 2014You are welcome to join us in a celebration of his life on Saturday, December 13th at 2 pm at
John Knox Presbyterian Church
109 SW Normandy Rd
Seattle WA, 98166

Please share/send/post photos you may have collected during the time we were able to share our lives, and sailing, with Todd.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in his name for new sailors at Sail Sand Point Youth Sailing http://www.sailsandpoint.org/support-ssp/

 Let’s give thanks to our 2015 Hobie Division 4 Event Calendar

This year is a very special Event Calendar.  Some new awesome venues have been added – such as Dinghy’s Whidbey Island – which you will remember as Oak Harbor.  This event is under new management and we are really looking forward to this venue.

We also are hosting not one, but two Youth North American events next year.  The first will run concurrently with the Splash Regatta.  This is the Hobie Wave Youth North American Championships. We’re hoping to bring the youth together from not only our areas – Comox, Kelowna, Willamette Sailing School and Sail Sand Point – but youth across the United States.  This will be a round robin format – such as the Worlds format with the boats being provided by Sail Sand Point.

We are also hosting the Hobie 16 Youth North American Championship at Lake Quinault.  This is a little more challenging for us in that we need to come up with charter boats for this event.   The schedule is quite exciting – especially for those of us who are also going to travel to the Hobie 18 North American event.

We also have one additional Youth event – Oktoberfest.  We are rallying the youth to compete in this event this year.  We really hope the youth and parents can put this on their calendars and save the date.  This event brings 100+ youth – and so far – no Hobie youth!  So what’s up with that!  These will all be eligible for national points.
Comox – has already started training their youth for the Wave North Americans.  They have scheduled 40+ practices between now and then!

We will be looking for many helping hands for these events.  So if you have a helping hand, please let me know.  Helping hands make light work (?)   I don’t know if that’s the saying, but it sure sounds good to me!

Have a great Thanksgiving…and we hope you will enjoy the new 2015 Hobie Event Calendar.

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2015 Hobie Division 4 Calendar of Events

We have many fun social and racing events coming in the 2012-2013 season.
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New sailors or wanabe sailors are always welcome. Feel free drop us a note on our Contact Us page.

Hobie sailors are a special breed; you’ll find Hobie Class Association (HCA) Division 4 members very friendly and eager to share their knowledge to help you enjoy your boat to its full potential.

Reading books, magazines, and watching videotapes is a start, but there is no substitute to actually participating in a regatta. You learn by copying what the guy ahead of you is doing, chatting on the beach or dinner, and learning from your own mistakes.